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Crafting a Logo for Beyond the Call Auction Services

Jennifer Clifford at Beyond the Call Auction Services makes it fun for donors to support their favorite charities. The problem was that even though she had a beautiful web site, her logo and business cards were not hitting the mark. Karen Design was called upon to craft a new logo that communicated Beyond the Call's energetic support of good causes and that leveraged the assets of her current web site.

The Problem:

Beyond the Call's  logo and business card didn't accurately reflect Jennifer's vibrant professionalism or go well with her well-designed web site.

DSCF9488-2 copy.jpg


Beyond the Call already had a beautiful web site and any new logo and business card needed to be consistent with their current typeface and color scheme.


Initial Notes

We explored the conceptual way that Jennifer goes "beyond the call" in the services she provides and the literal way that fundraising for good causes goes beyond the auctioneer's "call" for bids.

DSCF9492-3 copy.jpg

Initial Sketches: Circles

Circles were important to Jennifer and represented the gathering of people for a good cause.

DSCF9521-9 copy.jpg

Initial Sketches: Sound Waves

Because Jennifer's voice is the tool she uses in auctioneering for charities, it was important to her to reference sound waves and their far-reaching effects.

DSCF9514-7 copy.jpg

Digital Mock Ups

After showing Jennifer the initial sketches, we created some digital mock ups for her consideration.

DSCF9526-10 copy.jpg

Review Mock Ups & Incorporate Feedback

We reviewed the digital mock ups together and looked to see what worked and what needed further refinement.

DSCF9505-5 copy.jpg

Inspiration Strikes!

Inspiration struck when we listened to Jennifer doing a live auction. We made a recording of her voice and noticed how the voice print reflected the up and down energy of the event. This was perfect because she has been told that her super power is: ENERGY!

Beyond the Call Sound Wave

Second Round of Digital Mock Ups

We incorporated the picture of Jennifer's voice print in several mock ups.


Logo is Finalized

The final design incorporated the portion of the actual voice print of Jennifer saying "auction."


A Bespoke Solution is Crafted

Jennifer now has beautiful heavy-weight business cards with her voice depicted in her logo. She especially likes the way her business cards put the focus on her mission of "Helping Organizations that do More!"

Crafted Logos: Services

“Karen is a master of her craft. The best part of working with Karen was the way she contemplated and channeled the heart, soul and personality of me and my business in her art. Her end design was a reflection of the essence and message I wished to convey. Hire Karen. You will love her and her work! She’s funny too.”

Jennifer Clifford - Beyond the Call Auctions

Crafted Logos: Quote

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